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OPUS-12 - история почты и филателии России

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Главная  /  REGULATIONS ROSSICA-2022 Подготовка к "Россике-2022" - регламент на англ. языке


(A.S. Popov-Museum at Sankt-Petersburg 7—11 October, 2022)

Article 1 — Objectives of the Show.

ROSSICA-2022 International Biennial of Russian Philately (hereafter referred to as “ROSSICA-2022”) is organized for the following objectives:

-         to promote every aspects of philately in the World regarded to Russia;

-         to promote the development of all progressive aspects of the post and to unite philatelists around the World;

-         to develop of international humanitarian cooperation at philatelic life (100th anniversary of foundation of first Rossica Society);

and also the exhibition is timed to celebrate:

-         to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Peter of Great – foundator of Sankt-Petersburg;

-         to commemorate the 150th anniversary of A.S. Popov-museum;

-         150th jubilee of the first Russian postcards and the 165th anniversary of the first Russian postage Stamp;

-         to commemorate the 100th anniversary of first Russian air-post Stamps;


Article 2 — Organization, Venue and Date.

2.1 The ROSSICA-2022 Biennial continues the traditions of ROSSICA-2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 and ROSSICA-2020.

2.2 ROSSICA-2022 is organized jointly by the Russian National Academy of Philately and the Union of Philatelists of Russia together with the Russian Association for the United Nations at A.S. Popov-Museum (Sankt-Petersburg).

Article 3 — Patronage.

ROSSICA-2022 is organized under the patronage of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) and Russian Association for the United Nations.

Article 4 — Regulations.

ROSSICA-2022 will be governed by the Special Regulations for ROSSICA-2022.

Article 5 — Exhibition Classes.

5.1 Honorary Class (Monte Carlo Club)

5.2 Competitive Classes

Class 1: Traditional Philately

Class 2: Postal History

Class 3: Aerophilately

Class 4: Astrophilately

Class 5: One Frame exhibits

Class 6: Picture Postcards

Class 7: Philatelic Literature (printed and electronic issues)

Class 8. Official (non-competitive).


Article 6 — Conditions of Participation and Allotment of Frames.

6.1 The members of European Academy of Philately (AEP) and the members of National Philatelic Academies as well as the members of Royal Philatelists Society - London (RPSL), British Society of Russian Philately (BSRP), Rossica Club and  Monte Carlo Club are invited to take part at ROSSICA-2022.

6.2. Exhibits are accepted to participate in the exhibition, first of all, those who have received a medal at the FIP and/or FEPA exhibitions with a rank not lower than Vermeil, as well as by the decision of the selection committee.

6.3. When selecting exhibits, priority will be given to exhibits on the Postal History and thematically related to Russia.

6.4. One exhibitor may submit only one application and only one application from a family may be submitted. This rule does not refer to Literature Class. Entries for Literature Class will be accepted without restriction in quantity.

6.5 From 1 to 6 frames with 16 sheets will be allotted to each exhibit. For individual 8-frame exhibits, foreign guests must send scans of all 8 rames.

Article 7 — Evaluation of Exhibits.

Evaluation of Exhibits will be performed by the International Jury led by V.G. Levandovsky, Fellow FIP Jury Academy,in according to the General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV).

All participants will receive medals in the ranks regulated by the General Exhibition Regulations and corresponding certificates. Exhibitors of the literary class who presented several nominations will receive only one medal and certificates corresponding to the number of awarded exhibits

Article 8 — Application and Acceptance.

8.1 Provisional applications sent by each exhibitor personally to the Commissioner General of the ROSSICA-2022 must be received by the Coordinator-Commissioner not later than 30.06. 2022.

8.2 Notification of acceptance or not from the Organizing Committee will be sent to each exhibitor by 15 august 2022.

Article 9 — Handling of Exhibits.

9.1 The institute of national commissioners is not provided for at the ROSSICA-2022, and due to the logistical problems that have arisen, exhibits are sent by e-mail in the form of PDF files no later than September 1, 2022. Domestic exhibits are accepted only in the original, while the delivery of exhibits to the exhibition by the participant is welcome.

9.2  Exhibits (class 1—6) should be delivered to the Exhibition Venue and handed over to the Organizing Committee by the exhibitors on 1 September 2022. Due to the logistical problems and risks that have arisen, all exhibits are sent by e-mail from PDF-files.

9.3 RusThe Organizers require Philatelic Literature exhibits (1 copy of each Literature exhibit) to be sent no later than the date we inform you later.

Article 10 — Awards

Each exhibitor will be awarded with the ROSSICA-2022 medal and a Certificate of Participation.

Article 11 — Participation

11.1 Participation in the exhibition is free for all exhibitors (classes 1-6).

Participation for one literature exhibit is 10 euro.

Article 12 — Insurance and Security

12.1 Exhibitors are advised that they must secure appropriate insurance for their exhibits. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for such insurance and all expenses in securing insurance are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

12.2 The Organizing Committee will take reasonable precautions to ensure the security and safety of all exhibits while in their possession.

Article 13 — Contact Addresses

13.1 Coordinator –Commissioner of the “ROSSICA-2020” Exhibition, Mr. Andrey Strygin.

E-mail: strygin@inbox.ru

13.2 Addresses of Organizing Committee – Leontievsky per., 7/1, Moscow 103009, Russia (for literature exhibits).

Article 14 — Rights of the Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in these Special Regulations.

Article 15 — Conclusion

15.1 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation the English text shall prevail.

15.2 For further information about the exhibition, please contact President of Russian NAP Andrey Strygin,

E-mail  strygin@inbox.ru

“ROSSICA-2020”. THE PROGRAM OF EVENTS will be announced additionally

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